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Nice to connect with you, visitor!

I facilitate bringing your higher levels into the Earthly dimension, for wholeness and awakening. I am co-creator of the Lemurian Starchild Oracle, and author of the book 'Verbal Dancing'. I offer workshops, courses and one to one session to support your process.

Like many, I was not always aware of my divine nature. I was seeking and searching for a long time, trying different studies, jobs and spiritual practices. I was working through a lot of density, burdens of old energy that I was carrying with me. This was a beautiful, heart opening and intense journey. From about 28 to 32 years old I also had chronic fatigue which led me inwards very deeply.

This came to a release of old energy - and patterns that were keeping it in place. For about 10 years I had been going into the abstractions of a non-dual belief system. It was a teaching vehicle that had basically done its job.

When I let go, Glastonbury in the UK opened up for me. I suddenly made a lot of friends, when I had felt isolated before that. My heart opened again and I started to connect with my guides, Archangel Michael and light-beings from the Pleiades Star System. 

In Glastonbury I also met Leanne, and we created the Lemurian Starchild Oracle together. This was an amazing journey which also went into the South of France, Spain and Ibiza. This has been such a beautiful journey and we still get a lot of interest in the Deck!

Michiel wearing 'New Earth' Shirt
Michiel and Leanne, collage with Space Ship
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