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Facebook Livestreams

In the Livestreams I channel Archangel Michael, Pleiadian Beings of Light and Sananda. I also talk about the Workshops and Individual sessions which I offer.

You can watch them all here

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Selected Livestreams about Verbal Dancing

In these livestreams , Leanne and I talk about Life, the Lemurian Starchild Oracle deck and I do a bit of channeling. These livestreams can be very helpful if  you want to know more about my book, Verbal Dancing.

Facebook Links:

Living from the heart & Feeling your deepest Truth

Sharing, healing and channeling. Living in an integrated and joyous way
Guided meditation that connects you deeply with your heart through expanding, breathing and landing
Sharing, Channeling and Sound Healing from the heart. Reply to the question: feeling or letting go?
In this live broadcast we will explore life without struggles
More to follow on my Light Language Messages page!

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