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The Love from Lemuria heals Frequency control

There is currently an attempt to control the frequencies of our vessels based on karmic energies from earlier civilizations. Humanity is awakening to spiritual truth, and therefore the frequency of every cell and atom in the human body is naturally rising. This acceleration can be felt in every layer of our vessel, for we have not only a physical body, but also a mental/emotional body and an energetic body. The old karmic energies manifesting as 'The Powers that Were' have an interest in slowing this process down.

Let's look at a little history before I explaining the attempted frequency control in more detail. We go back to Atlantean societies, which were first pushed back in time and then scrapped altogether from history books. Some of these civilizations were peaceful, but others destroyed themselves through war and misuse of crystalline technology, because many forgot the light of their Source.


If we would go back in time a bit more, we find the original creation of the Lemurian civilization, where there was more connection with nature and our Source. The Lemurian energy can heal frequency control, because it connects us back to our Heart, the portal to our Source.

To understand frequency control we need to look at the crystalline technology that was used in Atlantean times. The Atlenteans knew about the evolutionary potential of humanity, and they used powerful techniques to amplify their abilities of manifestation. They could move objects through sound (this is how some of the pyramids were build, and also Stonehenge was built with this technique), create light without electricity and modify genetics. Each of these abilities is based on crystalline technology.

In crystalline technology one creates a vibrational pattern in crystals that sets up a morphic field in the surroundings. This also happens naturally and joyfully when we play a crystal bowl or another crystalline instrument. But if we would smash the crystal bowl instead, anyone listening would feel a shock!

The basic effect of crystalline technology is an amplification of the intent we put into the crystal. Therefore, crystals can also be used for psychic or physical manipulation. The Atlanteans spied on each other in this way (think about some of the classic tales about crystal balls, they are based on actual techniques), and they drained energy from the Earth and from each other. This ultimately led to cycles of destruction.

We generally use a stick to play a crystal bowl, but the Atlanteans learned to manipulate crystals through psychokinesis, which means the moving of objects through the power of the mind. Specifically, the Atlanteans brought the crystals into vibrational states, patterns that had a certain intended effect on the environment.

Our current ('modern') technology is very different from the Atlantean. Humanity is not trained at manipulating objects through their mind, let alone crystalline frequencies. Most people don't know anything about their own spiritual abilities, because that knowledge is kept from us. However, the 'Powers that were' use crystalline technology in subtle ways, that are unknown to most people:

- Radio and Televisions resonate and amplify crystalline vibrations from the transmitter.

- Crystals in computers and newer televisions.

- Intravenous injections that contain crystallized metals

- Electromagnetic waves from radio and mobile phones amplify crystalline frequencies

- Acoustic waves

- Weather modification through metallic particles in the air that resonate with crystalline frequencies from base stations

As I mentioned before, The basic effect of crystalline technology is the amplification of the intent that is put into the crystal. But most people that use these technologies, and even the ones that make them, don't have a clue about the power within them. The 'Powers that Were' use certain techniques that are a legacy from Atlantis to broadcast fear, control and destruction through these technologies. They attempt to control, with their mind, the vibration of crystals in our devices, our atmosphere, and our blood.

An example is the idea that humanity is going to be overtaken by computers, robots and artificial intelligence. This idea was introduced completely through crystalline technology, with the purpose of making people afraid. Just like the Atlanteans controlled crystalline vibrations with their mind for psychic and physical manipulation, so can the current 'Powers that Were' introduce negative and fearful ideas.

To continue with this example, let's look at the purpose of the meme that AI will overtake us. It makes us afraid of our power, and we don't see that we can use crystalline technology just as much as anyone else can. We all have these divine powers whether we are in a one bedroom flat, our parents attic or in the top of some masonic pyramid.

But beyond using crystalline technology, it is even more powerful to simply attune to our natural joy and playfulness, and to transmit these frequencies to the crystals in our devices, our atmosphere and our blood. This is not a technology, it is natural healing. It is more powerful because we are coming from our Source, rather than using mental control.

Going back to the Love from Lemuria, our natural expression, we can find that this connection helps us to go beyond fear. It can bring in a natural Heart connection that overrides anything negative or controlling. If we are not afraid, we can use the internet to spread information about Lemuria. We can sing Light Language to the crystals in the air (the atmosphere), and to the crystals in our blood, so that they start to resonate in a natural pattern of Love.

Lemuria didn't use much technology, it surrendered to the natural flow of being. When we go back to this state of being and apply it everything, our technology also starts to resonate with this naturalness and love. We can create molecules of light through meditation and light language, and in this light the propagation of any frequency control cannot continue.

If you would like to go deeper into the Lemurian energies, please have a look to preview our Oracle Card Deck, and to see many text, videos and audio recordings.

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