Glastonbury 2019 recording - Michiel Kroon
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Sound Healing

Here you can listen to the sound healing from the Pleiadians, also called Light Language. I speak and sing light language, and when I do I often work with energy. I do this as part of a collective of 239 Pleiadians. So I channel these sounds from this collective which is also part of my higher self. Click here for some quick information to familiarize yourself with the Pleiades. (opens lightbox)

I use a lot of Sound Healing when I work with people individually. I can then direct the sound energy towards a specific issue to clear it. The sound then brings in the Pleiadian guidance and energetic support for the person.

When you listen to these movie clips and recordings, allow yourself to receive the healing in your whole body. Breathe it in, so it starts activating your third eye (pineal gland) and your higher heart ( thymus). These sounds are for your personal healing and integration.

If you feel you need to ground after receiving this sound healing, lie on the floor with your knees bent, and gently push your feet in the floor for a minute or so. (You could even do this while sitting). In case you feel spacy or floaty this will help to integrate and ground these frequencies>

Further Recordings on Sound Cloud

There are sound recordings available on soundcloud with healing frequencies for the benefit of all. Please go directly to Light Language Messages on the Soundcloud website.

The purpose of Light Language at sacred sites.

I love going to sacred places to bring through sound frequencies. In the movie clips you can see Stonehenge, Avebury and Tintagel and the sound recordings are also from Salisbury and a cropcircle in Wiltshire. England has been perfect for these recordings, but light language is actually a worldwide phenomena.

Many people are getting these sacred codes of light, and often they don't understand the purpose at first. Well, if you would translate light language into linear language you would lose a lot of information. You could compare it into projecting a hologram on a flat piece of paper.  It's just not the same.

Light Language clears the energy, creates a spiritual activation and brings in the guides and angels. It can be used for self healing, to heal someone else or the energy can be given to a sacred site. 

When Light Language is sung or spoken on a sacred place, it reactivates the original purpose of that place. For example, if a church is built on a sacred spring or stone circle built by druids, the light language will clear all the energetic layers of religious density, and bring back the original spiritual energy of the sacred place.

On the player below is a recording created in the beautiful Bishops Garden neighbouring Wells Cathedral in Somerset, England. You can hear how I'm channeling the Pleiadians who send their blessings into the world, and give a bit of guidance. Following this you can hear a transmission in the Language of Light.

Well's Bishops Garden - Michiel Kroon
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Thank you for listening!