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Expanding, Breathing, Expressing


Walking the spiritual path has given me important insights in integration. Like a lot of people, I was able to open my heart to higher vibrations, but I couldn't really express my truth to others for a long time. I could only express impersonal insight, but I couldn't express myself creatively.

On this journey, I have seen the importance of embodying and expressing the higher vibrations from our true self. I realise now that the stages of expanding, breathing/feeling and expressing are really inseperable. This has shone a new light on parts of the spiritual path that I walked in the past: I realise that even though the non-dual tradition provided great wisdom to me, it also perpetuated and justified my inability to express myself.


I would like to inform others that spirituality and creativity are inseperable. By expanding your consciousness you can get new creative ideas which I call new landing spots. If a teaching rejects your new landing spots because of dogmatism, I invite you to put your own creativity before the rules of others.

The core of my message is not to judge your own expression. To embody higher vibrations you also need to face your shadow. When you express how you feel, even if it is negative, you give yourself an opportunity to work with that expression. By facing the shadow you also connect to the path of transformation.

Learn how to use practical tools of integration through my book -Verbal Dancing

Rhythm of Verbal Dancing - Three Arrows in a Circle - Expanding - Breathing - Landing

This circle shows that when you expand your consciousness, as we do in my workshops and one on one session, you are in the first step of a bigger process. There is a second step of Breathing - feeling your feelings, and a third step of self-expression. If you are  unaware of this process, your consciousness expansion will bring up many issues and you will lack the tools to resolve them. Therefore, it is of upmost importance to deepen your understanding about your breath, your shadow aspects and your self-expression.

Using the Lemurian Starchild Oracle for Integration


Together with my partner, Leanne, I am working on an Oracle Card Deck. I have found that working with oracle cards is a great way to get guidance and direction.

I have found that some of the Oracle Card Decks that are on the market are partially in the Old Paradigm. What I mean is that they are based on traditional belief systems such as karma, making oneself small or searching outside for love.


This Card Deck has Leanne's art combined with my writing - channeled and guided by Pleiadian and Lemurian beings of light. We have set the intention that human angels will help us get this to all the bookshops as soon as possible! 

This Oracle Card deck also gives the oppertunity to connect to your Inner Child and your family of light, to bring in Divine Healing and Guidance. We have been testing this Oracle Card Deck with individuals and in workshops with great results!

Cover image of the Lemurian Starchild Oracle

Please have a look at the website

Detail of Ether and Matter Card from the Lemurian Starchild Oracle - Two ethereal faces looking at each other - "In the Old Paradigm Twin Flame relationships were based on obsession, attachment and protection. You were haunted by the need to resolve your karma, and sometimes euphoric with the prospect of unification. Yet, these ups and downs were based on emotional attachment of the false self, of seeking for enlightenment outside of your own Heart.

Twin Flame Confusion

There are many messages on the market about finding your twin flame, defined as your destined partner. This other half of your soul is then supposed the be the focal point of your entire love life. I would like to shine light on this limited perspective.

In the New Paradigm, relationship are based on Higher Self resonance and unlimited possibilities. Rather than a circle of samsara (suffering) you are in a continuous upward evolution. You no longer need to learn any lessons in the school of suffering because you have graduated from your false identities. Now there is just a continuous prosperity, flow and heartfelt joy.

In the Old Paradigm Twin Flame relationships were based on obsession, attachment and protection. You were haunted by the need to resolve your karma, and sometimes euphoric with the prospect of unification. Yet, these ups and downs were based on emotional attachment of the false self, of seeking for enlightenment outside of your own heart.

You are getting ready to let go of attachment to your Soul Group. This is the karmic system that soulmates and twin flames were based on - an Old Paradigm system of tit for tat. The truth is that you are already forgiven, you only need to for-give yourself by letting go of your karma. Those that you had a soul journey with often come into your life not to resolve something, but to give you the opportunity to move on.

The final resolution is not what you think. When your twin flame comes into your life it is the opportunity of a lifetime - to let go of that old energetic configuration. The duality of embodying two halves of a soul can now be transcended by no longer identifying with the karmic attachments of the Soul. Then the soul is no longer your primary identity, and your higher self then marries with your lower self, to operate as one being.

Going beyond the Soul Group is like graduating from high school. All the old groups with their emotional connections that you had for years are now no longer relevant. You say goodbye and move on to explore the whole universe, with beautiful gifts of New Paradigm relationships.

True integration is a process

No-one else can tell you what your expression is. It is your spiritual purpose to discover and share your heart expression.  Go beyond all belief-systems to truly find yourself.

The process is to open your Heart to include all aspects of life. The importance of the Heart cannot be overstated.  When you follow your heart the linear mind takes the back seat. From your heart you see that you are not in world of opposites and polarities - rather, you are multidimensional.

Seekers that are stuck in their linear mind long for an expansion, but so often it only a quick fix, a short term solution. This pattern is part of the awakening process, but what they are truly looking for is to be in their heart, and to come to an integration. So why not start by connecting to the heart and embracing all of Expanding, Breathing and Expressing?

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