What is Pleiadian Art?

Pleiadian Art is about being in the flow. It communicates a state of openness, receptiveness and creativity. Like in a Pleiadian sound healing, perceiving the art gives you the opportunity to receive healing vibrations for the heart.

An important message of Pleiadian Art is to Love Yourself. When you look at the painting, a frequency of Unconditional Love is reflected back to you. This Love originates from your own heart, but the Pleiadian energy stirs it up so that you start to recognize it.


If you decide to have a print or a canvas of Pleiadian art somewhere in your living or sleeping space, it will be a great ally in your personal healing process. Not only does the Pleiadian Art support your personal healing, but it also helps to clear and activate the space that the art is in.

On a personal level, the Pleiadian Art purifies and activates your DNA, your chakra's, your meridians, your aura and your physical structure. This process is driven by the art of frequency healing, vibrations that propagate through the quantum field. These healing vibrations start to saturate the space on a subtle level, bringing in a cosmic intelligence that connects to the Pleiades. This intelligence than uses the subtle vibrations to excite photons, electrons, protons, neutrons and other elementary particles. This resonance creates the healing vibration in molecules and cells in the body.

When you receive the information from the artwork, it usually doesn't start with a message in logical words. From this multidimensional communication you might get a feeling, sound, color or symbol. When the message sinks in the energy might then translate to words.

When I make the art, my hand are guided by the Pleiadians. We work together in a flow; I never get blocked when I make Pleiadian Art.

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The process of Discovery

Pleiadian art is all about Play. When we create something in a playful way, not too concerned with the outcome or with the judgement of , then we have our greatest inventions.

I started drawing before I got how to do sound healing with my voice, and way before channeling. The first step was drawing symbols on paper. As I played with the Light Language that I was drawing, I gradually got more insight in the meaning and purpose of it.

These are some of my first drawings and symbols in the Language of Light, which started me off on the path of Pleiadian Art.

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