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I am often moved to read the news and to learn about world events.

In many ways I do not prefer to look at it, because it brings in the mental and emotional density of the collective. However, I keep finding myself going back to reading news articles.

My Pleiadian guides tell me that by being involved with the news, we bring in love and light from the higher dimensions. As a wave of consciousness we change the vibration of what is going on. Every time we read a story on the news, we become a socket that our higher levels can plug into. This socket of consciousness doesn't go away after we put down the story; it remains beyond space and time as a useful access point that light can be channeled into.

Plug in front of socket, image by Clint Patterson
Meditator of Light sitting in front of Angel, Copyright Michiel Kroon and Leanne Ta'Iki Anawa

The message I get from my guides is not to worry too much about the world. Connecting to world events, and bringing healing for the collective, is not a burden or a vow to take on. When it becomes such a mission, we lose our joy and playfulness, and we take the weight of the collective on our shoulders.

Reading the news, and connecting to world events, is something that seems to happen by itself, without willing it. Many of us are taught to give too much credence to personal, 'linear', will anyway, and to overlook Divine Will. Well, it is Divine Will which keeps bringing me back to reading the news, because of the divine purpose within it.

Recently, when lying awake at night, I felt heavy emotional sentiments that were going in locations in the middle east, of people polarized into loving one country and hating another. (which is not exclusive to the middle east, obviously, however this is were I was taken)

At some point, the mental chatter subsided and I felt the presence of a star-gate. It looked a bit like a picture I had seen of a recently discovered black hole, but the edges were thinner.

First Image of a Black Hole  By Event Horizon Telescope

First Image of a Black Hole

By Event Horizon Telescope

I started to get more and more information, and I was receiving light codes that were flowing through this stargate. I felt there were many beings of light coming through, from many dimensions.

In this process, I was shown joyful potentials of Heaven on Earth. However, this powerful energy can also stir up tensions and bring up energies that resist these higher potentials.

Many beings were communicating with me, in tones of reassurance, telling me that everything is in Divine Order.

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