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Pleaiadian Healing

Pleiadian Healing is a way to receive higher frequencies through sound and to integrate them through embodied insight.  It can give relief for:

- physical pain*

- emotional distress*

- mental confusion*

- soul scars*

* Always consult a medical professional first.

"Finding the bridge between self-realization and embodiment of higher frequencies." 

"For me, Pleiadian Healing transformed my self-knowledge into divine abilities and a felt connection with my Light Family"

Michiel Kroon, Pleiadian Healing Creator.

We look at your unique process of integration. Where are you flowing and where are you stuck? In every aspect, you are at a particular stage: Expanding, Breathing or Expressing. By seeing this clearly we can then ask your guides and angels to support you in going to the next step of the process.

Learn how to use practical tools of integration through my book -Verbal Dancing

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The session starts with an expression which reflects your current condition. We then set intentions of the progress you would like to make, which is an expansion by itself. This is a doorway to go into breathing, feeling and healing during the energy healing. You will get guidance to go into a healing state in case this is not natural for you.

You are guided through issues that might come up during this process, and provided with tools to continue your healing afterwards.

The Energy Healing

During this part of the session you have the opportunity to receive channeled messages and sound healing in the Language of Light.

- Reassurance and guidance for your process from Archangel Michael.

- Healing and Light Language (speaking in tongues) from the angelic realms.

- Healing and wisdom from a cosmic point of view with Pleaiadian beings of light.

- Sound Healing through Pleaidain toning in the Language of Light.

- Deep shifts in your physical and emotional realms, your aura and your energetic body.

- Deepen the connection with your guidance realms.

Self-reflection for the Healer 

The healer also goes through a healing process, although this is not the focus of the session. In Pleiadian Healing we do recognize this background process for several reasons:

- The ability to reflect instead of externalize their issues: The Healer needs to have good insight into their own healing process, so that issues are not projected onto the client.

- The integrity of the information that the healer gives depends on how the healer follows their inner guidance: with authenticity, intention and by following their heart.

- The integrity of the channeling depends on the clarity, inner harmony and integrity of the healer.

Sharing and Processing

After the Energy Healing, there is another moment of sharing.

Often, deep shifts are reported at the end of a Pleiadian Healing session. These shifts are part of a deeper healing process that is not limited to the session itself.

Inner Child Healing

The Inner Child process is very important in Pleiadian Healing. When an emotional issue comes up, you might exclusively identify with  a childhood experience, or with child feelings. Through bringing in more of your True Self, you are also the parent and the healer. You start to see the Inner Child in a new light of compassion, which also leads to an energetic purification.

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