Hi, I'm Michiel. Everything that I write on this website is from my own experience, however I didn't know it from the start.

Growing up in the Netherlands, I couldn't see that I was simply different, on another frequency. I didn't understand why other kids thought in a different way; a much more competitive way. I didn't know how to deal with the judgments around me, because I didn't completely understand myself, others and how the two related.

In School, my strong point was my thinking and abstraction. I was able to get good grades, and when I was a bit older able to go to the university. I studied Physics as I was interested in the workings of the universe. I was trying to find the answers in abstract thought.

Meanwhile, a lot of things weren't working in my life, and I felt isolated. I didn't really admit it to myself because I always focused on the achieving. I found it hard to relate to anyone in a healthy way; I could listen to people but not truly express myself.

Around 23 my personality started shifting. I started turning inwards. The process got catalyzed when I met a new friend in the gym. (of all places) He introduced me to spiritual books. It was all new to me, but something inside really resonated. Together we tried out different spiritual groups and meetings. We ended up finding different teachers, but the friendship remained.

I joined a group with the teacher I found. The process was quite deep and brought me in contact with my feelings and emotions. This was something that had been really repressed all my life. It started coming out in dramatic ways, but I was guided through them.

Fast forward to around 27, I had been in the spiritual for a while; I'd had many experiences and I'd cultivated inner silence. I had been taking a long time to progress with my study at the university and it didn't make sense anymore. I didn't feel very well either. I decided to quit university.

I decided to work with children. There was a possibility for a job combined with a study. This was a much more practical study, and people started to ask me why I was doing this if I studied at the university. It called to me, so I did it anyway. I really liked the enthusiasm of children and it gave me new inspiration.

Around 29, I was facing serious crises. I was too tired to work. I felt disappointed with the world around me and didn't understand my own identity.

It took a few years, until I was 31, and a lot of healthy food and supplements before I started feeling better. I then participated in an online course by my friend Richard Miller. His work is the inspiration for Verbal Dancing. It helped me to let go of old beliefs and gain more self-confidence.

Just before my 33th birthday I went to Glastonbury, England for a holiday. When I felt the energy of the place I knew I wanted to live there. So I took a chance and moved there. I was camping for the first month but then found a place to live.

Glastonbury was an ideal place to clear my energy. It seemed to happen automatically there. I also met like-minded people there. I came out of my isolation and I discovered my star origin, my connection to the Pleiades. From there, I started doing Channeling, Art and Sound healing.

Living in Glastonbury was very intense. All of my emotional states got amplifies so that they could clear. This process was quiet destabilizing at times, but also brought profound insights. I started to express myself more in a multidimensional way, more in alignment with my true self.

In Glastonbury, I started to work on new projects, I started to organize groups and sessions for people. I started to learn how to spread the word, online and through posters. I also started to work on a card deck, which later became fused into the Lemurian Starchild Oracle, and started to build a website. I was developing skills and discovering my message through expressing it.

Because I was expressing my truth more and more, I slowly but surely connected to my true self more and more, I stepped into my confidence. I wasn't fully aware of this process at first, but I was guided to express myself more and more, without holding back.

All of the gifts that came to me in Glastonbury – the healing, channeling and art – came to me spontaneously, without training. I did connect to a lot of people that were doing similar things that inspired me. It helped me to connect to my gifts that were already there.

When I ended renting a room I moved away from Glastonbury for a while. I started to walk the South West Coast Path with a tent on my back. This was another amazing adventure of feeling completely free for a few months. I walked from campsite to campsite, and did some wild camping occasionally. The walking really grounded me and showed me many beautiful places.

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