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What is Channeling?

Channeling brings the Words, Sounds and Art of the Divine into this world, for the good of all. Many of the most exquisite passages of the ancient scriptures are channeled, and many masters have used channeling in alignment with the light. Reading or listening to their words, you receive their energy transmission, perhaps as a palpable vibration or an energetic blanket of light.

However, at the same time, there are many false prophets, and even sects that have used channeling for lesser purposes.

Many people get put off because of the confusion around Channeling, and they ask themselves:​ 

"Would it be better to stay away from channeling completely?"

I hope that the information on this page can shine light on this issue and help you find answers.

Energy body with channel of light from above

Channeling Course

With Guided Meditations

I offer an on-line channeling course for those who are ready to

  • Step into their Divine Abilities.

  • Open their Channel of Light.

  • Receive beautiful messages from the Divine.

  • Feel nurtured and loved by their guides.

  • Bring through high-vibrational energies.

  • Receive loving guidance from Archangel Michael.

  • Be guided and encouraged by their Divine Guides.

  • Get more loving guidance from the Higher Realms in daily life.

  • Clear up any confusion from the old paradigm.

  • Let go of old beliefs around Channeling.

  • Let go of judgment, but embrace discernment.

And, very importantly, this course is for those who are ready to go beyond the linear mind.

Even if you are not ready to take the Channeling Course yet, this free page can help you better understand the process of channelling. Being better informed can help you feel safer, happier and better able to navigate the spiritual circles and teachers. And it can also help you to get a better understanding of your own Divine Abilities.

About me

Michiel wearing New Earth shirt

Hi, I'm Michiel, I have been consciously on the spiritual path for 20+ years. For many years I didn't know anything about Channeling. I dedicated myself to expanding my consciousness and finding healing in all aspects and dimensions. I practiced yoga and meditation, visited many evening workshops and did nine silent retreats of one week each. This helped me to connect with my heart, heal my inner child and get more clarity about my Source Self.

I was born in the Netherlands and studied applied physics there. My spiritual home is Glastonbury in the United Kingdom. It was there that I first connected with my main guides: Archangel Michael and Pleiadian Beings of Light. I started to organize workshops where I bring through these energies and have now done 200+ of them.

In healing myself I have worked through many of the pitfalls in all dimensions. I have received much encouragement and support, and have also dealt with other agendas both in the physical and subtle dimensions. Through this process I have been blessed to receive beautiful insights into the subtle realms, especially with regards to channelling.

The Benefits of Channelling

By opening our channel to our spiritual guides we receive more unconditional love and support from them. They are there for us every step of the way, and want to show us that we are safe, loved and held in their energy. By receiving this energy, we are also manifesting it in the physical world. We are guided every moment of our life, but opening our channel helps us to listen.

Our channel also connects us with our Higher Self, which is our essence in the Higher Dimensions. Our Higher Self shows us a path of light which includes the journey that we have on Earth. If we close our channel we will still be guided on this path, however we may need to suffer more before we hear the loving whispers of our guides. Opening our Channel to the connection with our Higher Self makes our journey easier, smoother, and more joyful. It also opens up more opportunities and saves us spending time going around in circles.

The pitfalls of Channelling

Many people get put off because of charlatans in the field, 'enlightened masters' that went on an egotrip, and they ask themselves:

  • How can I discern a true message from a confused one?

  • Is it even possible to discern?

  • Would it be better to stay away from channeling completely?

The truth is that we can find discernment, and embrace channeling, by understanding the energetic process.

Many people don't understand the energetic process, and decide to stay away from channeling completely, missing out on messages of healing and abundance. They also don't discover their own channelling abilities.

Did this ever happen to you?

You got pulled into a teaching relationship or a romantic relationship, believing it was really from the heart. Yet later it turned out there were hidden agendas.

- Did you know you can see those agenda's much quicker?

To master channeling is to see through the hidden mental-emotional agendas by understanding the energetic process.

My partner and I have created the Lemurian Starchild Oracle Card Deck, which is also channeled. Our first edition of 1000 decks sold out quickly, and we have printed many more editions.

To create the Oracle Card Deck, we surrendered to the Healing Process that we were guided into, without knowing what the results would be. We let go of any hidden agenda.

Understanding the Energetic Process with Archangel Michael

In the Channeling Course, Archangel Michael will take you through the experience of the Energetic Process.

You can receive

  • Clear understanding of your channel of light

  • Clear understanding on how to detect and clear blocks within your channel of light.

  • Guided meditation on connecting to the higher realms

  • Guidance on clearing your energy field

  • Guidance on the beings that can be channeled

  • Many details about the channeling process

channeling course page.png

The Introductory Channeling Course Page

  • The complete Course Page is available to you on purchasing the Channeling Course

  • Access through link in e-mail,  or signing into the website

  • You can study in your own pace: do one section at a time, or the whole page at once.

  • You can go back and go through sections again, or use them as a reference.

"The Course Page is the foundation of this platform, and is always available to you as a reference"

Sections on the Course Page

  1. What is channeling?

  2. Discerning a true message from a confused message.

  3. Ways to connect to the higher realms

  4. What to channel and what not to channel

  5. Clearing your energy field

  6. Forms of channeling: words, sound, energy

  7. Not judging the form of channeling

  8. Healing and guidance from channeling and listening to channeling

  9. Spontaneity versus deciding to channel

  10. Awareness of personal filters

  11. Surrender 

  12. Multidimensional experiences while channeling

  13. Channeling one word at a time, or more?

  14. Is channeled information literal or metaphorical? 

  15. Accuracy of channeled information 

  16. Closing a channeling

  17. Why not to drive during or straight after a channeled message

  18. Guided Meditation to go deeper into the light.

Also on the Course Page:

  • An illustrated slide with each section

  • The ability to browse through the different sections

  • Autoplay all sections of the course

  • Write and save your own notes for each section

  • When you go back to the course later, your notes are still there

  • A button to send your notes to me (Michiel) so that you can get feedback if you have follow-up session.


  • This course leads you beyond the linear mind. If you are unwilling to let go of thoughts and beliefs, then this course is not for you. But if you are willing to embrace the peace and presence that is beyond the linear mind, then you are at the right place. Your will receive a multidimensional attunement that transforms mind, body and spirit.

  • This course is fully on-line and doesn't include a follow-up session, which can be purchased separately.

The Heart of Channeling


Channeled messages are a gift from the Creative Source. In the process of channeling we are invited to purify our channel and develop our discernment. By following this guidance we can bring through beautiful messages in all forms that also bring clarity for others.

We can overcome the pitfalls of channeling when we follow our Heart. We can set an intention to only channel from dimensions of pure light without an opposite. We then follow through on that intention by cultivating discernment.

As a result of this process start to see more of the gift that really channeling is, and how it helps us to bring everyone back to the Heart.  Our Heart shows us the deepest Truth of our essence, and channeling creates a doorway into our Heart.

Channeling Course

Normal Price €333



+ 4 weeks of e-mail updates

limited time, introduction price

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