The high-vibrational energy of Glastonbury, UK

Glastonbury is the most powerful place I know, energetically. There is a wonderful Vortex of on the land which centers around places like Glastonbury Tor, Chalice Hill and Wearyall hill. Many feel elated when they 'come home' to this place, they remember their spiritual origin and connect with their tribe.

Before visiting Glastonbury I had looked for this kind of nurturing energy in workshops and retreats. A similar collective field is also created when people come together to connect to the light, which is beautiful for many reasons. But for the purpose of bathing in a nurturing energy, I have found Glastonbury the most abundant and freely available.

What you can find here is magical. Historically, this has been described in terms of Avalon, King Arthur, Merlin, the Ley-lines and the Star-signs. The metaphors that are used point to magical vibrations of love and light. But it can be hard to decipher the codes of light within these tales if you are not familiar with them.

The risk in talking about magic is that it can get covered with layers of superstition or ideals that seem out of reach. We might project the magic outside of ourselves, and give our power away to others. Or we can lose touch with the physical here and now, and escape into a fantasy.

Let's wipe away any dust and look at the magical energy of Glastonbury with new eyes.

Many can feel the energy of Glastonbury directly. They report an increase in the vibration, and a remembrance. Some remember other lifetimes that were very different from our current society, and more closely aligned with Source. They might also connect with natural gifts such as Healing, or wisdom about the use of crystals. An often heard theme is the surfacing of old emotions, a healing process that starts to unfold.

Some live in Glastonbury for a while, and then feel they need to leave very suddenly. Others go through a period of instability, which has been dubbed the 'Glastonbury Experience'. All of this has to do with personal issues surfacing very rapidly.

Many find that they very often meet the right people in the right timing. Somehow there is an exchange in energy, orchestrated in the higher realm, that enriches both parties. But it can be harder to have more lasting friendships, because of the rapid changes people go through.

All of these effects and symptoms have a lot to do with higher-dimensional portals and connections. A vortex within the Earth makes it easier to connect with the other dimensions. These dimensions are other realms, 'times', and 'places'. It is beyond space and time, really.

The higher-dimensional portals provide an easy way to connect with your Light Family, those that support you from the other realms. They can be Elemental beings such as fairies or Dragons. There are also the ascended ones, such as Jesus/Sananda, Mary Magdalene and many more. And we might connect to the Angelic and Arch-Angelic Realms. Last but not least, there are many portals to other Planets and Stars-Systems that allow Cosmic Guides and Healers to come through.

All of these portals are there for our highest good, to beneficially encourage our spiritual evolution. Our guides, the beings from the other realms, want to support us and nurture us with higher vibrations of love and light. They guide our journey in the most beneficial way possible.

The personal issues come to the surface because we are ready to face them within the larger scale of things. This process is orchestrated by our higher self. Sometimes this can seem like a lot. However, more and more we remember ourself as Creator.

I recommend visiting Glastonbury if you feel drawn to the energy. The pull to come is part of the spiritual process, and not logically explainable. Allow yourself to be guided, and you will be in Glastonbury through a series of synchronicities. :-)