Workshop Chalice Well, Glastonbury UK


Going beyond Twin Flame Seeking and relating from Inner Fulfillment!

Would you like to feel completely at peace and find Joy within your own Heart? This state attracts the right relationships through making Heart connections before you even meet the person in the Physical world. So does that mean that are there ‘wrong’ relationships? Of course not! But you have choices.


You can choose to let beloveds into your life who complement your Heart, while you are both complete and fulfilled within. This creates a beautiful dance, of two people who are in their Truth and in Integrity, a romance without needing to seek outside of oneself.

Normal price £99

Concession £66

(if on low income)

Workshop Organiser Michiel is a Visionary, Channel, Writer, Physicist and Pleiadian Artist 

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Co-host Leanne is a Visionary Artist, Higher Self and Soul Portrait Reader Master of Lemurian HealingTM and Clinical Psychologist

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going beyond twin flame seeking workshop

May 25th 2019 Workshop

Tools & Methods

  • Practical Exercises to clarify our process

  • Card from the Lemurian Starchild Oracle 
    drawing a card gives guidance relevant for our path.

  • Guided Meditation and Sound Healing
    Michiel channels Archangel Michael and Pleiadian Beings of Light (Loving Beings who originate from the Pleiades Star System).

  • Sharing
    at several points during the workshop we can share about our individual Journeys if we feel called to.


In the early evening we will do a ceremony in the Chalice Well Garden, to deepen our connection and send love out to the whole world. There will be gentle guidance from Michiel during this ceremony but we will be mostly quiet in this last part of the day to respect the garden guidelines.


Any questions? Please use the contact form below.




  • Short Introduction + Introductory channeled message


  • Exploring the Twin Flame penomena together


  • Our own experiences of relationship, where are we now?


  • Questioning beliefs about Twin the Flame Paradigm


  • Guided relaxation: Opening our Heart


Lunch (please bring your own)




  • Relationship as a portal to find our inner wholeness.... how?


  • What is the difference between a Twin Flame and a relationship from Inner wholeness? 


  • What would we like to create in our lives?


  • Guided relaxation



  • Connecting and being Love: Meditation and Ceremony in Chalice Well Garden

"A big thank you to Michiel and Leanne"

“Today was very Insightful and enlightening.


We were given coping tools and ways to move beyond the need to be co-dependent and step into our own power. We would definitely recommend this workshop to those seeking answers and freedom from the past. Lots of love to you both”

— Theresa and Mags