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Accessing Creator Consciousness


I am Michiel Kroon, and I would like to co-create the New Earth together with you. Through accessing our Creator Consciousness, and connecting with our guides of light, and all the angels around us, we can attune to unlimited possibilities.

I offer e-courses, sessions, workshops and healing tools that can assist in the awakening process. Together we can step out of cyclical journeys and into our Divine Birthright of unconditional love and light.

Multidimensional blessings,

Michiel Kroon

Light Language Messages

Testimonial on-line workshop: Creator Consciousness

"I like you am a light worker,  but the divine feminine energy was always difficult for me. Like the lady last night I too have suffered mental and physical abuse from a child and have always put it in the time tray for a later date to be faced. But the energy that you Michiel channelled combined with the wise words and advice that Leanne gave to the lady made a shift in my energy and it has released all that was. I am now working on a different level of consciousness now with it.   As we know this is an amazing time for growth and release so I feel very thankful for the opportunity you gave me to use the energy wisely and move forward with it all under the law of grace."

~ J

"In each moment, you create beautiful doorways to expressing your unique frequencies of light on Earth. Your Higher Self creates journeys and circumstances to help you discover these gifts. Awareness of this process integrates and marries your Higher Self with your Earthly Self."


Click on the button to read a welcome message from my Pleiadian aspect. The Pleiadians are Cosmic Beings from the Star System Pleiades.


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