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Introducing the Guides

I can choose to step aside, so that Archangel Michael and/or the Pleiadians can bring their message through me. In this effective way of energy transmission, they sometimes speak in words, and sometimes speak or sing in tones and tongues. The latter is also called Light Language.

When I do channeling, I am always aware of the process (I don't go in trance)

Channeled Message from Archangel Michael

Archangel Michiel - Love, Transformation and Purpose

I am archangel Michael. My message is this: simply relax to let Michiel's work be received in your consciousness.

You are always good enough. There is a reason you are on earth. If you were an angel, or an archangel like I am, you couldn't fulfil the same purpose that you are fulfilling now. You are always fulfilling it, with every breath. It is not possible to fail this mission, even if you want to. Even if you were to screw things up on purpose, you are fulfilling your purpose anyway. Your purpose isn't on a physical level, it exists on a spiritual level.

When you call me in, let me take you in my wings, I can help you express your purpose. The expression is your life on Earth, so it is already happening. However, I can speed it up. When you attune to me, I can bring in many benevolent energies. Please allow me to show you how loved you really are.

This is my message for now, from me and all the beings of light around you. We all love you dearly and wish to express this love through you - TO you and THROUGH you, to transform the world through you.

Copyright Michiel Kroon

Archangel Michael

Channeled Message from The Pleiadians

The Pleiadians - Telepathic Communictation & Healing

We're the Pleiadians. We are space-beings, like all of you. We all come from space. You could call this inner space, or, even better, universal space. You don't originate from a planet. You originate from space.


The reason we call ourselves Pleiadians, is because we have been on the star system Pleiades. Just like you are on earth now, and we are with you on earth. We are not here physically, but we are here telepathically.


Telepathy is the communication of the future. We foresee that many more people will be interested in this in the near future. It will become a replacement, or let's say an upgrade that you can use instead of a mobile phone. On a smart-phone you can receive the internet, but telepathically you can receive from a common pool of knowledge from all the people that you then communicate with.


Telepathic communication is a bit like Facebook. Everyone has a personal profile that you can log in to.  In this analogy logging in is simply attuning to that person. The data and information that you then receive is multidimensional:

- Only a small part is linear words, similar to Facebook

- Images make a bigger part.

- The biggest part though is a set of multidimensional codes


Through reading this, you are also receiving multidimensional codes. It is because you are attuning to us, and we are starting a telepathic communication. In this communication, we are introducing ourselves. We are sending information about the place we are from, the space of Pleiades.


The space of Pleiades is just like any space, because we are all in the universal space. The way we use our space is a bit different though. For example, we can travel very quickly. We can travel to your earth space in an instant, to support you on your journey.


You can also learn to use your earth-space in the way that we use our space. Actually, you are learning it. You will also be able to travel very quickly, and then to visit the Pleiades. You will be able to travel with your lightbody, while remaining on earth physically. When you travel with you lightbody, you are like an angel. Well, you already are, but you will be travelling in a similar way as angels do, we mean.


We are communicating our love and compassion for humanity. When you see the truth, there is not much else to do.


We are frequency healers. Through light and sound frequencies, we are bringing in healing energies. These energies are like codes, multidimensional instruction sets. Just like your DNA is a code that expands when the multidimensional strands activate.


You are a frequency healer as well. Simply by being you, you are emanating your frequency. By organising your frequency, you can increase your effectiveness. By organising we mean being aware of the effects of your actions, thoughts and emotions.


The effectiveness of your frequency is not just determined by how high it is. It is just as important how organised it is. Higher frequencies can disperse very quickly without any organisation.


We recommend you to actively study different healing modalities. To do a critical analyses of all of them, and to use what makes sense to you. When you study a number of them, you can unify them into a magical combination. It will be magic for you, personally.


Do not stick to any dogma. By renewing yourself constantly, you avoid getting stuck in knowledge. Knowledge is not something static, that you know once and for all. It changes constantly, because the relationship between you and the universe is changing constantly.


We're the Pleiadians. We greet you from the 8th dimension that we're in. We hope this communication to be useful to you, and share with you our love and compassion.

Copyright Michiel Kroon

The Pleiadians

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