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Verbal Dancing Paperback
Verbal Dancing Paperback

Get to know the power of your Unique Expression instead of relying on other people's words. This book offers easy insight, practical tools and an intriguing story, making it easy to follow and understand.

You'll learn three steps that get you out of your box. You will greatly enjoy going beyond the box where your fixed ideas are. Away from this box is your creativity. You can use your creativity to change your life.

Let go of your beliefs - that is what Verbal Dancing invites you to do. You'll see how your Unique Expression can continually develop. You'll learn how to stand by it without making it into a religion.

Don't accept - don't withdraw - Simply see that it's your power to be original. Step into your Unique Expression of Truth and Trust with Verbal Dancing.

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Verbal Dancing E-book

The same book in e-book format, with easy navigation and clickable links to the glossary.

Verbal Dancin e-book
Three frequently asked questions about Verbal Dancing
Why do I need Verbal Dancing?

Do you feel fear of loss, rejection or abandonment? Do you feel a sadness or grief that you are unable to let go? Are you angry at people in your life, at yourself or at God? Do you find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning to face another day, or into bed to get to sleep and to face another night? If not, do you get so busy that you never have time for a pause?

Perhaps you already have a way to cope with these or other difficulties. You have convinced yourself that there is nothing to add to the solution that you have already found. Then this is not for you until you find a small window of opportunity. Please watch your space for a glimmer of openness, for your natural curiosity which welcomes new opportunity.

Would you like to:

- Review everything that you deemed impossible because you judged yourself as inadequate?

- Open your heart to a whole new chapter in your life?

- See problems as challenges, and challenges at opportunities?

- Dive into the adventure of life?

Have you been told that you are not the Author of your life? Are you a victim of society or of genetic heritage, or oppositely, do you trust God and the Universe so much that you have become completely passive? Verbal Dancing exposes these confused perceptions and shows you that you are the Divine Author of your life.

How can I use Verbal Dancing to start a New Chapter in my life?

You Expansion starts with questioning old beliefs and opening up to new possibilities. Then feel your Breath and allow its flow to connect you to this moment. You will find new ways of Expressing.

Expanding, Breathing and Expressing are the three steps of The Basic Rhythm of Verbal Dancing, our main tool.

Some Example:

Inadequacy: Expanding by not giving so much credibility to the self-talk. Then breathing to connect with your feelings and also with your light. Your new expression will transform the self-talk into creativity on your Inner Dance-Floor.

Ego: Questioning it's validity to expand to a bigger truth, going into conscious breathing to feel beyond it. Then you start creating from Truth.

Overly Controlling: Expanding by investigating your identity, because you are not the 'controller'. Feel the frustration behind it, and breathing light through it. Your new Expression is to be in the Flow.

Victimhood: Questioning the story that is running to expand your consciousness. Breath deeply to relax. Your new expression embraces the possibility of change.

Anger: Questioning beliefs to expand, and Feeling the fire behind it. Using your energy for positive action.

Agression: Recognising yourself in the other, and getting in touch with your deeper feelings of fear and being intimidated. Your new expression embraces your tears. Look carefully if the emoitions you feel are really yours, or are you picking them up from people around you? If this is the case, seeing it will make it easier to expand and let it go.

Being Stuck: Expanding by allowing yourself to dream, and to feel your dreams and visions. Your new expression comes from the vibration of those Dreams.

Why is Verbal Dancing different?

Instead of giving you rules to live by, Verbal Dancing welcomes your creativity. The rules that you are invited to leave behind are rooted in traditional education and spirituality. Through your creativity you can overcome this. I'll give you a few examples.

- There is a good chance that you have been to school or that you are schoolgoing. Traditional teaching is based on repetition, not creativity. You learn through taking in someone else's view. Starting to question that through Verbal Dancing opens a new world of creative learning. You can use different schools of thought for your own research but you are not stuck with them. Instead of taking on a belief system, you learn to be in the flow of your Heart.

- People around the world are waking up through meditation, mindfulness and spiritual traditions. Some start to live their life purpose very quickly through such an activation. Many others spend years of daily meditation or spiritual practice that brings them inner peace, as long they stick to it. In the longer term, these cherished routines actually get in the way of moving forward in life, because they give comfort, not the opportunity to truly live your Life Purpose.

- There are many spiritual teachers that proclaim absolute truths and imply that you should live by them. These are equivalent to the dogma of religious commandments, transformed to fit the spiritual mind. These impersonal thoughts become reflexes, one-liners to repeat without thinking. Universal spiritual insights is true in the moment, but it doesn't need belief systems. Your spiritual self actually needs heart-based creativity so that the truth can be lived on Earth.

Verbal Dancing puts you in touch with your Purpose, which might not be immediately obvious to you. Often, your purpose is outside of your comfort zone. It is something that you hadn't thought of, because the ideas that you learn from society are mostly unaligned with it.

Through seeing the natural flow of Expanding, Breathing and Expressing you can start a new chapter in your life. Verbal Dancing is far from dogmatic systems that you learn by imitation. It is a natural flow that you can recognize in your Heart and that leads to your Life Purpose.

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