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Cover and back of the "Verbal Dancing" book.
Hi, I'm Michiel and I'm a Verbal Dancer!

I would like to show you life without any battles or hold-ups: Expanding, Breathing and Expressing fully without being bothered by any mental-emotional voices. Discover your Unique Expression to find beauty, inspiration and flow. There is nothing holding you back when you realize simplicity and benevolence.

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Three frequently asked questions about Verbal Dancing

Why do I need Verbal Dancing?

Why not? You are the Author of your life, diving into the adventure.

Releasing the habitual focus on scarcity, you open up to the abundance, joy and adventure that life offers. You don't need to feel bad as motivation, but it can be a great opportunity. Open your heart to let the universe give you new tools.

How can I use Verbal Dancing to start a New Chapter in my life?

I offer tools to expand out of old ideas and to feel into a space of possibilities. No longer tied to old beliefs, your heart opens to new and exciting possibilities. Verbal Dancing allows you to create the Verbal Pathways that lead to these possibilities.

Why is Verbal Dancing different?

Instead of giving you rules to live by, Verbal Dancing welcomes your creativity.

How did you learn the things that you 'know' now? Was your creativity stimulated, or were you made to repeat certain beliefs and take them on?

I invite you to find your Heart-based creativity which leads to your true Life Purpose


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Please look at the event page at events page at

I organise workshops that allow you to connect with your deepest truth. Old wounds can heal by opening your heart to a new paradigm energy. To bring through this energy I channel cosmic beings and Archangel Michael.

Verbal Dancing is an integral part of these workshops because it allows you to

- let go of any blocks in receiving these healing

- Expand your consciousness to new possibilities

- Connect to your body awareness.


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Verbal Dancing is all about the art of conversation. We not only dance on our inner dance-floor, we also dance with others. We take each other by the hand and move through the Basic Rhythm of Expanding, Breathing and Expressing!

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