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Your Original Vibration

Someone’s soul is their pure form; a subtle energy beyond the density of matter. The soul of a nation for example is the collective energy including ideals. But the soul also includes attachments and suffering, on a personal and collective level.

I like connecting beyond the forms of the soul. I acknowledge the soul, but I also know there’s something much deeper.

Each of us has a vibration that is like an original sound from source. I like to align with that vibration. For some people this alignment comes across as disinterest, if they are on a different emotional wavelength. I call this vibration neutrality, truth, or unconditional love.

The vibration of truth makes some people angry too. It can look like it’s taking something away from them, but in reality it only clears the attachments.

Attachments can be gross or subtle. They can be physical but on a soul level there’s contracts, vows and agreements. These subtle energy forms can really wear you down if you’re not aware. They take away space from your freedom as creator.

You might recognize this. An amazing author creates lots of Oracle Decks. Then, old contracts and religious vows kick in, maybe from another incarnation. Next thing you know, they’re burning their own oracle decks and books on YouTube.

Another example is when someone is in a relationship in which they sacrifice themself. But it doesn’t really help the other person; it only gives them a way to avoid their own issues.

Or those who are on a big spiritual mission, but don’t take any time out for fun or relaxation. It becomes very serious, because the mission comes before everything else. And sometimes that ideal can start a cult too.

I find it helpful to send those attachments back to source. Bind them up, out and away. It creates more space for your original vibration.

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