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Speaking out against nazism

I was unpleasantly surprised to find that nazism recently reared it's head at a spiritual conference in the US. I feel a need to speak out about this for several reasons. First, to counter the false information that was being given. Second, to talk about the confusion between true spirituality and 'everything goes'.

It is important to remark that this was the presentation from one speaker, and I'm sure the rest of the conference was amazing. Still, I was shocked to see the speaker put a photo of Hitler on the screen and express his sympathies.

In the false information, the Nazi's were depicted as peace lovers that have just been misunderstood. I don't know if this story is supposed to make me feel sorry for them, 'poor Nazi's'. I don't feel sorry for them, but I do feel compassion for humans that are so cut away from their heart that they convict crimes against humanty.

Growing up in the Netherlands, I heard many stories of what the Nazi's were really like. I heard those stories directly, from people that experienced it. The Nazi's were certainly not peace lovers, many people were murdered because they didn't fit into their picture of the 'perfect human'.

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A slide from the said presentation, in which the speaker shows a picture from a book from author Chernobrove. This is, according to the speaker, supposed to show the changes in the timeline that he suggests, around WW2. He suggests that the perception of the Nazi's in WW2 has gradually become worse over many generations. I know that this is false, because experiences have been shared with me directly. I am not familiar with the work of Chernobrove.

I watched through a Youtube link on telegram, after a friend sent me a link to a telegram channel from the speaker of the presentation. I didn't watch the whole presentation.

One of the fundamental mistakes the Nazi's made, in my opinion, is that they mixed the occult with beliefs that justified their crimes. One way to see this is the adolation for their leader, as if he was a god. When many people come together with the same intention, it can create a spiritual force, which can be misused.

In the conference presentation I noticed a similar mix-up between spirituality and false beliefs. First, the speaker talks about ascension experiences, and defines those as the 'good timeline'. The 'bad timeline' is the global elite, the transhumanists who have also smeared and suppressed those 'poor Nazi's'. You can probably connect the dots and see what this implies.

The way I see it, narratives like this can confuse people, if they don't have clarity on the subject. We live in a world with many competing narratives. The collective can lead us off-track, whether it's through false information in the media or social media. But a spiritual community or conference room can also have 'groupthink', if people are susceptible to it.

I find that my heart is a compass that helps me to navigate. Which goes hand in hand with critical thinking, rather than group think. And it includes reflecting on my own thoughts and opinions, and making course corrections if necessary.

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