Conference June 20th-23rd Glastonbury

Activating the Christos-Sophia Codes of the Golden Rose Stargate 

Glastonbury June Solstice Four Day Conference

Hosted by Anrita Melchizedek and Tamra Oviatt & co-created with 21 amazing facilitators

20th – 23rd June 2019

Leanne and Michiel will be doing a presentation on Solstice (21st of June) 14:30 – - 15:30: Lemurian Starchild Readings and Archangelic Channelling

Four day tickets are £197/$255 and one day tickets are £66/$88

You are invited to join us in sacred Glastonbury over the Summer Solstice for an amazing four days of unity, Love and magic, amplified through The Tor energy, the Heart Chakra of Mother Earth.

With 23 master facilitators there will be a rich and varied selection of presentations and optional experiential activities in which you will experience amazing Light encoded transmissions, Temple Initiations, Sacred Activations, Rose Healing Activations, Quantum Journeying, Sonic Alchemy and Light Language Activations as we come together as The Light Tribe, One Unified Field of Light.  There will also be Solstice Ceremonies on The Tor and the event will close with two hours of free dance!

The conference theme of the Golden Rose Stargate focuses on the current need to heal and transform our relationships, to ourselves and to one another through the inner twin flame alchemical marriage of our Divine Masculine and Feminine Spirits. This leads to the rebirthing of our golden child, our relationships of Love and intimacy, whilst clearing karma timelines and dissolving perceived separation and core wounds between men and women.

The key benefits of attending include:

✺Healing and Rebalancing the Divine Masculine and Feminine aspects of Self

✺ Amplifying your magnificence and Light

✺ Bathing in the Stargate of the Heart

✺ Receiving the Illumination of the Company of Heaven

✺ Connecting to your Star Family

✺ Deepening into Soul embodiment

✺ Healing core wounds, old programmes and false beliefs

✺ Amplifying your gifts of service

✺ Expanding your frequency

✺ Activating the DNA and Light Bodies

✺ Anchoring the Light Codes of the New Earth Templates

✺ Networking with the Light Tribe

✺ Receiving the nurturing, Love and support of Soul Brothers and Sisters


Come and join us over the June Solstice in sacred Glastonbury.



Blessings and much Love

Michiel & Leanne

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