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Audio Producten (engelstalig)

Hier kun je verschillende opnames vinden van workshops en channelings over specifieke onderwerpen. (engelstalig)

Wil je soms Achtergrondinformatie over de Pleiaden?

Pleiadian Attunement for Integration

This is excellent for listening to before going into channeled messages. I will guide you to attune different energy-centers in your body and to integrate parts such as the Inner Child. The full track of over 16 minutes is on offer for $4.99

Path of Expression &

Full Moon Eclipse (40min)

Channeling & Healing from Archangel Michael and Pleiadian beings. View 10mins on Youtube!

Light Family Connection

(49 mins total)

Among the many benefits of guidance are manifestation, expression, deep healing and travelling through dimensions

Archangel Michael on Financial Freedom

(16.30 mins guided meditation + 3 minutes of relaxation)

Attuning to your purpose and path, and feeling your natural flow.

Sacred feminine (25 mins)

The Pleiadians through Michiel ⁃ Crystal bowl toning ⁃ The Pleiadians introduce themselves ⁃ Womb Healing ⁃ Raising the vibration of the sacred blood ⁃ Collective healing ⁃ Going beyond story and drama ⁃ Light Language Transmission ⁃ Guided Meditaton (from Michiel, non-channeled) attuning to the Light of Truth and Opening the Heart

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