‘Standing tall like a tree’ is what the Sacred Oak essence can assist you with. Whether you are having a Kundalini awakening, trauma healing, or you would simply like to connect with the energy of the oak, this essence supports you in finding your own stability.

Trees are like antenna’s for cosmic energies, and also have deep roots in the Earth. I recommend this essence especially if you are learning to channel and/or speak light language. And also if you are receiving high-vibrational energies. The flow, wisdom and nurturing of the tree help you to feel stable in your Heart and Being.

This essence brings you back to the Primal World Tree, the Tree of Life. There are layers of energy of the Raven’s call, the purity from the Lichen, the green ray heart healing and energy from the crystals. They help your consciousness to expand and your environmental awareness to increase, with a blessing from the Elemental Beings.

Sacred Oak Essence

  • Each 100ml Essence bottle contains pure Dartmoor water, red shisho and glacial vodka

    Property Vibrational Contents
    Crystal Vibrations Emerald, Gaia Stone and Seraphinite. Faden, Water and Dragon Quartz
    Sound Frequency Waterfall, running stream, low level bees and Ravens
    Inner Bowl Signatures Raven’s Feather, Young sprig of Beech and nut (Queen of Forest) , Lichen and an Acorn from this Oak
    Cosmic Occasion Partial Eclipse of the Full ‘Rose’ Moon, close to inferior conjunction of Venus
    Fragrance (less than 1%) Oakmoss, Galbanum and Geranium Essential Oil


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