You can receive

  • Clear understanding of your channel of light

  • Clear understanding on how to detect and clear blocks within your channel of light.

  • Guided meditation on connecting to the higher realms

  • Guidance on clearing your energy field

  • Guidance on the beings that can be channeled

  • Many details about the channeling process

This is the list of the different sections within the course:

  • What is channeling?

  • Discerning a true message from a confused message.

  • Ways to connect to the higher realms

  • What to channel and what not to channel

  • Clearing your energy field

  • Forms of channeling: words, sound, energy

  • Not judging the form of channeling

  • Healing and guidance from channeling and listening to channeling

  • Spontaneity versus deciding to channel

  • Awareness of personal filters

  • Surrender 

  • Multidimensional experiences while channeling

  • Channeling one word at a time, or more?

  • Is channeled information literal or metaphorical? 

  • Accuracy of channeled information 

  • Closing a channeling

  • Why not to drive during or straight after a channeled message

18. Guided Meditation to go deeper into the light.

You get:

  • An illustrated slide with each section

  • The ability to browse through the different sections

  • Autoplay all sections of the course

  • Write and save your own notes for each section

  • When you go back to the course later, your notes are still there

  • A button to send your notes to me for feedback


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