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  • The complete Course Page is available to you on purchasing the Channeling Course

  • Access through link in e-mail,  or signing into the website

  • You can study in your own pace: do one section at a time, or the whole page at once.

  • You can go back and go through sections again, or use them as a reference.

Included in Channeling Course

The Course Page

"The Course Page is the foundation of this platform, and is always available to you as a reference"

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  • You will get one e-mail each week for 4 weeks starting at the time of purchase

  • Weekly guidance on your journey of Channeling.

  • You can't see all the e-mails right from the start, because they are part of a longer process.

  • The e-mail messages build on the material in the course page.

Included in Channeling Course

Guidance e-mails

"In addition to the course page, you also get 4 weeks of e-mail guidance which gives you a focus for each week. With each e-mail you get a new written and audio message which brings your attention to an aspect of channelling to focus on."

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  • Get tailored guidance for your channeling process

  • Session of 60 minutes

  • Builds on the Channeling Course

  • Feedback on notes sent to me on the Course Page

Seperate Purchase

1-1 Channeling Session

Go deeply into the energy of your channel, with the Channeling Course as a required prerequisite.

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  • Receive the energy from Archangel Michael and Pleiadian Beings of Light.

  • Spiritual guidance that is relevant for the group.

Seperate Purchase


Join a group workshop to relax into the channelled energy without needing to 'do' anything.

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Prerequisites for certification session

  • Channeling Course with notes from course page sent to me

  • 1x 1-1 session

  • 5x workshop with a reflection of >300 words each.

Seperate Purchase

Certification Session

We will explore which forms of channling are most beneficial for you, and what pitfalls to avoid. "On completion of the session you will receive a certificate. "

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