Cosmic Frequencies of Art & Sound Exhibition Diary

This is a day by day diary of the Exhibition Carmen Belle White and I collaborated on. Carmen channels the White Lion Beings. We organised this exhibition 2nd-11th of July 2016 in Glastonbury Galleries, Glastonbury, Somerset, United Kingdom.

23th of June 2016

Preparing for the Exhibition

"Cosmic Frequencies in Art & Sound"

Carmen Belle White - Creative Channnel for the White Lion Beings

Michiel Kroon - Pleiadian Channel

1st of July 2016

Carmen and I made a sound recording after we set up our exhibition. It's multidimensional communication

Carmen in the exhibition room
Carmen in the exhibition room
Carmen in the exhibition room
Carmen in the exhibition room
Carmen in the exhibition room
Carmen in the exhibition room
photo michiel and carmen
pleiadian assistance wm
painting 'light language vortex'
white lion
Divine Balance
Lemurian Key
Dolphins and Whales

"a recording carmen and i did when we had just set up the exhibition"

Cosmic Frequencies of Art and Sound - Michiel & Carmen
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2nd of July 2016

"We look forward to welcoming you"

3d of July 2016

Second Day of the Exhibition

Day 2 of Cosmic Awakening of Art & Sound. Please call in and receive a message from the paintings.

4th of July 2016

"The exhibition has up and running since Saturday! Carmen and I have set it up together last Friday. There is a strong energy in the room from the Pleiadians and the White Lion Beings. It's a great place to meet star beings, which we all are.


There are chairs are for receiving the healing from the paintings. You can come in any time during opening hours to meditate and receive the frequencies.


We are open every day from 10am-5pm at Glastonbury galleries, 10a high street, Glastonbury. The exhibition will go on until the 11th of July. We offer mini sessions of channeling and/or sound healing inside the exhibition room.


There are still tickets available for the cosmic collaboration of sound group, 9th of July 7.30pm."

5th of July 2016

"The art in the exhibition is really working for me more and more. The more I'm here, the more my and Carmen's art opens up to me and reveals more.

Last night we made music with a small group in the exhibition room. So beautiful to share our multidimensional messages"

6th-7th of July 2016
9th of July 2016

tonight 7.30 there is the cosmic collaboration of sound group!

There are still places for the cosmic collaboration of sound group tonight. I will be leading this group and I will bring in channeled messages about the collaboration between the White Lions and Pleiadians. The significance is in the transmission of love, compassion and courage from our extraterrestrial light family. I will also bring in healing sounds.

Recording of the cosmic collaboration of sound group. Intuitive sounds and channelings about the coming together of white lion beings and Pleiadians through our exhibition at Glastonbury Galleries 2nd-11th of July 2016

Cosmic Collaboration of Sound - Michiel Kroon
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More about Carmen

Carmen Belle White is an amazing artist and musician who has created several albums. For more info, please see Facebook Page Carmen Belle White Music.

Light  Language Messages is a dutch trade name, (no. 71466282)

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Carmen in the exhibition room