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Channeling course with guided meditations.

Channeling brings the Words, Sounds and Art of the Divine into this world, for the good of all. Many of the most exquisite passages of the ancient scriptures are channeled, and many Enlightened Masters have used channeling. Reading or listening to their words, you receive their energy transmission, perhaps as a palpable vibration or an energetic blanket of light.

However, at the same time, there are many false prophets, and even sects that have used channeling for lesser purposes.

Many people get put off because of charlatans in the field, 'enlightened masters' that went on an egotrip, and they ask themselves:

  • How can I discern a true message from a confused one?

  • Is it even possible to discern?

  • Would it be better to stay away from channeling completely?

The truth is that we can find discernment, and embrace channeling, by understanding the energetic process.

Many people don't understand the energetic process, and decide to stay away from channeling completely, missing out on messages of healing and abundance. They also don't discover their own channelling abilities.

Did this ever happen to you?

You got pulled into a teaching relationship or a romantic relationship, believing it was really from the heart. Yet later it turned out there were hidden agendas.

- Did you know you can see those agenda's much quicker?

To master channeling is to see through the hidden mental-emotional agendas by understanding the energetic process.

For example, I was guided to organize evening channeling workshops for years. If I would have had an agenda, I wouldn't have done it, because I didn't make a lot of profit from those workshops. But the participants had amazing healing experiences, and I developed my channeling work.