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Workshop Southampton March 31st

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Celestial Sounds, Spiritual Voices, Shamanic Heartbeats
Leanne in foreground, Michiel Playing Singing Bowl

Going beyond fear and shyness and expressing yourself freely and joyfully

You are invited to a lovely workshop of activation through channeling and sound healing, grounded in practical spiritual tools. I bring through the words and energy of Archangel Michael and cosmic beings from the Pleiades.

In this workshop: how can we be fearless in the modern world of transparency and instant communications? Does judgment from peers need to affect us? We can step away from the mass collective thoughts, emotions and energies that try to control us without withdrawing from the world. We can be fully in the world, expressing and embracing our message of light. Our truth and our guides show us the way with every step we take, regardless of outside perceptions.

Receive the wisdom from your family of light, your helpers who are always around you. Resonate with their multidimensional insights that deeply reconnect you with your heart.

You will receive a warm welcome, and there will be many opportunities to share and participate. You can ask specific questions about your heart connection and spiritual journey, and get an answer from drawing a card from the Lemurian Starchild Oracle.

Any questions? Please use the contact form below.

Practical points

Please book to ensure your place. Alternatively, just show up on the day and we will fit you in.

March 31st, 2019 11am-1pm

Price £10

Address: 1 Kingfisher Road, SO50 9LH Eastleigh


I offer practical tools that facilitate your awakening and your creative process. We will look at three basic steps that you can experience for yourself in the healing circle:
1. Expanding your consciousness
2. Breath awareness to connect to your feelings
3. Expressing from your Heart

Why are these steps important? The best way to receive new inspiration when you are stuck somewhere is to go beyond your current way of thinking. Your creativity helps to integrate the insights from the expansion, and the feelings that might have come up. The three steps complement each other, which you will be able to understand and experience in more detail in the healing circle.

I give these practical tools to prepare you for the next part of the workshop, where you can receive channeled messages from Archangel Michael and Pleiadian beings. Your family of light would like to connect to you through these messages, to open your heart. They are your helpers who are always around you, also when you are not focused on their presence. The practical tools help you to stay grounded while receiving the higher frequencies that come through during the channeling.

Listen to a sample of a channeled message online:

Lemurian Starchild Oracle Card Deck

We will draw a card from the soon to be published Lemurian Starchild Oracle card deck as clarifiers, and to get guidance for specific questions. You can pre-order this deck at our website.

The Lemurian Starchild Oracle is a sacred and multidimensional gift from the Lemurians and the Pleiadians, and other beings of love and light, to help us grow and thrive as we begin to recognise the luminous potentials and pathways our Mother Earth is offering us now, as she takes up her own sparkling robes of Ascension.

The deck is a medium for important messages, awakening messages that want to reach you. These messages from the Source come through this writing and art to be delivered to your Heart. The Source is your highest state of clarity, pure light that originates all form.

For more information about the deck and to pre-order, please refer to


As a result of a deep spiritual journey that started in my 20s I now offer the insights and multidimensional codes that I have received. I have learned to see beyond linear thought and to open my heart to the whole universe. I have condensed my insights into practical spiritual tools that I describe in my book, Verbal Dancing.

I like to connect to many people to share this spiritual energy. Since my channel opened about four years ago, in Glastonbury, this process has accelerated.

When I grew up in The Netherlands I was very alone in my spiritual sensitivity. Now I would like to show that this spiritual awareness is actually much more natural than living from the mind, from linear thought. With the help of spiritual tools I went deeply within to face shadow aspects, deep emotional issues, to free up space for my True Self. I can guide participants through similar processes of purification and emotional healing. Many doors can open through receiving the words and energy from Archangel Michael and Pleiadian Beings.

Facebook link for the event (coming soon)

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Workshop Southampton March 31st

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